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Gorgon HDD Shore Crossing

Project Type: Horizontal Directional Drilling

Client: Chevron Australia Pty Ltd

Value: AU$100 Million

Status: In progress

Lucas provided directional drilling of nine 450 metre long HDD holes, including the stringing, welding and NDT testing of the pipelines. Off shore diving vessels were used to guide 400m of pipeline beyond the exit of each HDD hole to the target lay down area.

Works included establishing a site on Barrow Island, a Class A nature reserve which requires strict environmental management practices for both operations and mobilisation of personnel and equipment to site.



Bonaparte Gas Pipeline

Project Type: Gas Pipeline

Client: APA Group

Value: AU$100 Million

Status: Completed

Lucas constructed the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline through some of Australia's most remote and challenging country, completing the works ahead of schedule. The Pipeline carries natural gas 287km from ENI Australia's Blacktip Plant to join the Amadeus Basin to Darwin pipeline (the NT's main gas supply) at Ban Ban Springs Station.

Lucas collaborated closely with APA to ensure the project was executed safely and efficiently. Our work on this project won the APIA Safety Award.



Western Corridor Recycled Water Pipeline

Project Type: Underground Water Pipeline

Client: Queensland Government

Value: AU$550 Million

Status: Completed

Our HDD and micro tunneling expertise were used to install underground pipelines through the built-up areas of Brisbane. Lucas was responsible for the design, pipe selection and construction of HDD crossings under the Brisbane River at Luggage Point and the Aquarium Passage.

Working with alliance partners, Lucas successfully delivered a total of 90km of pipeline, pumping stations and water balance tanks, significantly improving South East Queensland’s water infrastructure.


SEA Gas Pipeline

Project Type: Turnkey Gas Pipeline

Client: SEA Gas Partnership

Value: AU$340 Million

Status: Completed

In partnership with Spie Capag, Lucas provided a turnkey service including  detailed engineering and design as well as the construction and commissioning of the 686km pipeline.

The project required pipeline licenses from two state governments and meets ISO9000:2000 quality management, OHSAS 18001 safety management and ISO 14001:1996 environmental management standards.




Brooklyn to Lara Pipeline

Project Type: Gas Pipeline

Client: Australian Pipeline Trust (APA)

Value: AU$50 Million

Status: Completed

Lucas constructed a 57 kilometre gas pipeline, between the Brooklyn Compressor Station, west of Melbourne, and Lara, on the outskirts of Geelong. The pipeline adds storage capacity to accommodate the increased gas flows expected from the South West Victorian gas fields.

In addition to a number of complex water, road and rail crossings requiring effective landowner management, Lucas successfully met stringent environmental requirements to protect the habitat of an endangered frog species.



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