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Southern Seawater Desalination Plant

Project Type: Water - Trenchless technology

Client: Water Corporation WA

Value: AU$650 Million

Status: Completed (Stages One and Two)

Lucas, as part of the Southern Seawater Alliance, was awarded the contract to design, construct and operate the desalination plant at Binningup, WA.The plant has an annual capacity of 100 billion litres of water, sufficient to supply 50% of Perth’s drinking water. The desalination plant won the Global Desalination Plant of the Year Award in 2012.

Lucas was the contractor for the project and undertook the civil, building, pipeline and marine works. The project was named 2011 Project of the Year by the Australian Institute of Project Management.Lucas is contracted to provide ongoing maintenance of the facility for the next 25 years.

Partners: Técnicas Reunidas, Valoriza Agua and Worley Parsons



Robertson Reuse & Sewer Reticulation

Project Type: Waste Water

Client: Wingecarribee Shire Council

Value: AU$26 Million

Status: Completed

Lucas is replacing Robertson’s outdated septic tanks and aerated wastewater treatment systems with a central advanced wastewater treatment system, also known as a Membrane Bioreactor.

The work includes storage and pumping systems and a combination of onsite  pressure and gravity sewer networks to service the entire population of Robertson. Lucas worked closely with the local community to ensure the project met the diverse needs of residents, businesses, farmers and local council.

Partners: Beca Australia and IBL Solutions



Mayfield to Broadmeadow Waste Water Upgrade

Project Type: Waste Water

Client: Hunter Water Corporation

Value: AU$10 Million

Status: Completed

Lucas was responsible for the construction of the transfer systems which were designed to reduce the frequency of wet weather overflows from the Burwood Beach Waste Water Treatment Works catchment area. The system transfers sewage flows which exceed the capacity of the local sewer network during wet weather. The project ensures compliance with the wastewater systems licensing requirements of the Department of Environment Climate Change and Water (DECCW).



Kangaroo Valley Sewerage Scheme

Project Type: Waste Water

Client: Shaolhaven City Council

Value: AU$10 Million

Status: Completed

Lucas was responsible for the design and construction of all required facilities including a pressure sewer system, transfer main from the village to the proposed treatment facility, a water reclamation facility (Membrane Bioreactor) and a reclaimed water storage dam.

As a result of our experience on similar projects, Lucas was the ideal partner for Shoalhaven City Council. Lucas worked with the local community to  manage on-property installations and street reticulation as well as environmental sensitivities.



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