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ASX 2005-06

ASX announcements 2005-06

Announcements made to the Australian Stock Exchange by AJ Lucas Group (ASX code AJL) for the financial year 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2006.
Underlined announcements are PDF documents that may be viewed by clicking on the links below.

ASX Announcement - 3rd May 2006

Goro Nickel Project update and earnings impact
Ceasing to be a substantial holder from CGF

ASX Announcement - 12th April 2006

Becoming a substantial holder from CBA

ASX Announcement - 4th April 2006

Goro Project operations suspended

ASX Announcement - 3rd April 2006

Director's resignation and final director's interest notice

ASX Announcement - 16th March 2006

Change of director's interest notice

ASX Announcement - 14th March 2006

Broker presentation of half year results

ASX Announcement - 10th March 2006

Appendix 3B - exercise of management rights

ASX Announcement - 6th March 2006

Half yearly report and half year accounts

ASX Announcement - 3rd March 2006

ZSP: March quarterly rebalance to the S&P/ASX indices

ASX Announcement - 14th December 2005

COI: increases interest in oil field redevelopment project

ASX Announcement - 8th December 2005

Ceasing to be a substantial holder
Appendix 3B

ASX Announcement - 30th November 2005

MEL's ann: commencement of drilling programme

ASX Announcement - 25th November 2005

AGM resolutions announcement
Change in substantial holding
Chairman's AGM address to shareholders

ASX Announcement - 3rd November 2005

Project review report

ASX Announcement - 25th October 2005

Notice of annual general meeting
Annual report

ASX Announcement - 18th October 2005

Response to ASX query re: Share price

ASX Announcement - 30th September 2005

Full year accounts

ASX Announcement - 16th September 2005

Broker presentation

ASX Announcement - 12th September 2005

AJ Lucas announces 2005 financial results