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ASX 2009-10

ASX announcements 2009-10

Announcements made to the Australian Stock Exchange by AJ Lucas Group (ASX code AJL) for the financial year 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010.
Underlined announcements are PDF documents that may be viewed by clicking on the links below.


ASX Announcement - 5th March 2010

ATP651 sale settlement

Lucas announced today the settlement of its sale of ATP651.


ASX Announcement - 26th February 2010

Lucas releases half-yearly results

Lucas releases its results for the six months to 31 December 2009 today. Please download the presentation here (4MB PDF file), or the full Appendix 4D here.


ASX Announcement - 16th February 2010

Riverstone funds invest US$58 million in Cuadrilla

Lucas announces that the Riverstone/Carlyle Global Energy and Power Funds, a group of energy-focused private equity funds managed by Riverstone Holdings LLC, has committed to subscribe US$58.0 million for equity in Cuadrilla Resources Holding Ltd, the holding company established by Lucas to hold its investment for unconventional hydrocarbons exploration and development in Europe.

The full announcement made to the ASX is here.


ASX Announcement - 1st February 2010

Earnings guidance for first half of the year

Lucas released a market outlook with preliminary results for the six months to 31 December 2009. Please view the full release here.


ASX Announcement - 17th December 2009

Sale of Lucas interest in ATP651

Lucas announced today that it had entered into an agreement with Toyota Tshusho Corporation for the sale of its 15% interest in ATP651 for $98.5 million. Full release here.


ASX Announcement - 27th November 2009

Results of annual general meeting and chairman’s address

The results of resolutions at the annual general meeting held today and the chairman’s address to the meeting.


ASX Announcement - 13th November 2009

Award of Gorgon shore crossings contract

Lucas announced today its award of a $95 million contract to construct shore crossings for the Gorgon Gas Project.


ASX Announcement - 21st October 2009

2009 annual review

The company’s annual review for the year ended 30 June 2009.


ASX Announcement - 19th October 2009

Notice of annual general meeting

Notice of the company’s annual general meeting on 27 November 2009, including supporting documents, along with the proxy form.


ASX Announcement - 1st October 2009

Release of 2009 audited financial statements

The audited financial statements can be downloaded from here. This is a 1.6MB Acrobat PDF file that will open in a new window.

The accompanying media release is here.


ASX Announcement - 27th August 2009

Announcement of results for year ended 30 June 2009

AJ Lucas Group announced its results for the year ended 30 June 2009, reporting another record year.

Key figures are:

  •  Revenue up 17.6% to $499 million
  •  Underlying EBITDA up 15.3% to $44.1 million
  •  Annual dividend up by further 31% to 10.5 cents per share
  •  Positive long-term outlook after a difficult year

For details, please download the following PDF files:
Full press release.
Appendix 4E statement released to the Australian Stock Exchange.
Presentation delivered this morning. (please note, this is a 1.6MB file).